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Invisible Men: Drawings by Derek Overfield

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Locke (2013) Steven Knight

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Earth Day by Judit Besze

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Arabic Calligraphy / The Fontmaker by Jordan Jelev

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" Unreal Estate " by Tim Doyle

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Laura Pol    |    http://poldesigns.com

"Magazine design for my Digital Grid Class."

A talented graphic designer with an eye for photography, Laura’s versatility focuses on creating everything from fashion editorial campaigns to full company branding and advertising. Driven by a desire to emphasize artistry and its importance to the world, she found herself engulfed in art, which sparked her initial interest in Graphic Design.

Laura’s a self-taught designer learning from hands on experience. After landing a design position for a promotional items company, she knew she found her true passion. Her desire to grow as an artist prompted her to attend MIU, where she currently pursues classical education in Advertising and Graphic Arts.

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The Hungarian Guggenheim
by Krisztián Lakosi & Lakosi Richárd

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by DIA

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Sorbet    |    http://sorbetdesign.co.nz

"Art direction & editorial design for Adé, a small online collective of hand picked trinkets for modern day apartment space living, based in Sydney, Australia."

Sorbet is a multidiscipline design studio based in Auckland, New Zealand. We help brands gain clarity, value and a collective vision through design.

The motto is simple: tell your story, and tell it well. They help their clients establish a clear direction and identity, then match that with a strong design aesthetic that encapsulates exactly what their brand is about. Each project is meticulously researched, every avenue explored, with a bespoke visual language being the end result. It’s more than just a logo to them, it’s your story.

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Gif Hunt: Lights Poxleitner


none are mine, credit goes to owners.

like if using please.

sorry for repeats.

200+ gifs of Lights Poxleitner


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Send no flowers, Kumiko Sekiguchi