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Send no flowers, Kumiko Sekiguchi

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 Silvia Sani

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Principles of Design Poster by Efil Türk.

The turkey based designer named Efil has crafted a beautiful series of poster showing the principles of design only using paper. Cutting pieces of paper, juxtaposing the pieces, pasting geometrical shapes and using simple typography is the formula of this beautiful series. She mention that you can actually buy them.

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A Perfect Day for Bananafish, Ákos Major

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Woman In Pool


Woman In Pool


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THAT’S ALL OF THEM! i did it, i drew every single starter………..’s unevolved form yay me. sorry for uploading this same thing three times in two days but i am just very excited about having done a lineless experiment i’m actually pleased with uvu

you can get these on stickers!
or on other stuff!

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Botanicaps by Sasha Prood

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I like  y e t i s .

this was almost 4 years ago damn

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Designer of the week - 21/07/2014

Karming Wong    |    http://behance.net/karming

Karming Wong is a graphic designer based in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia, who practices craftsmanship, across print, web and a bit of creative writing. He likes to combine art and design together as he believes that there’s a interrelationship between two.

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Book for my exhibition “There is a Line”
Illustration and Photography exhibition by Sara Westermann
28 Sep – 30 Oct at 119 Lower Clapton, London
Cooked up by The Portuguese Conspiracy
This event is part of Clapton Festival

This book includes a series of photographs taken at the beautiful Serra da Freita landscapes in Portugal.
Limited edition of 20 numbered copies
32 Pages / 22,6 x 32 cm
Digital printing in Munken Pure, 90gsm
Book Cover in Munken Pure, 240gsm & Pop’Set grey, 240gsm

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Harley Jackman    |    http://harleyjackman.com

"As one of my university briefs, for the 2015 design I decided to reimagine the festival and create a clean, simple brand that is easily expandable across multiple formats and/or event collateral. The concept behind the brand mark was that each of the vertical or diagonal strokes represents element of the festival, whether that be dance, theater or visual art, etc. Only when brought together as a group, it forms the letter ‘M’; only when brought together, it becomes the MOFO festival."

Harley Jackman is a graphic designer from Melbourne, Australia. He is focused on graphic design, branding, typography and print design.

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MICA Grad Show 2014    |    View on Behance

This year-long project pulled together content from the Maryland Institute College of Art’s sixteen graduate programs to promote and record graduating student work. They developed an identity system that looks great on its own but can also showcase bright artwork, then designed and developed a responsive website, mailers, poster, and forthcoming print catalog.

Design: Nour Tabet, Richard Blake, Emma S. Forbes, Yingxi Zhou

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*Personal work: Ena Baćanović

Just wanted to share a few shots from my Dribbble - feel free to follow me there, I’ll have a few invitations!

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Trip Journal
by Rui Hao

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